Dell Precision M4600

  • Windows 8.1 Pro

  • Office 2013


  • Intel i5 2520M

  • 4GB RAM

  • Nvidia Quadro 1000m GPU

  • HDMI

  • DisplayPort

  • VGA

Interspace MicroCue3

Microcue3 Features:

  • 3 switched USB ports allows control of several computers.

  • Cue display showing handset signal & battery condition​

  • Two MicroCue3 units can be connected over XLR over long distances to use one as a remote antenna.


  • 2x Wireless Remote


Lenovo C40-30

21.5" Touchscreen AIO PC

  • 1920 x 1080

  • 10 Touch Points

  • Intel i3

  • 4GB RAM

  • 720p Webcam

  • HDMI Output

  • Includes wired keyboard and mouse

Interspace Mastercue V6


Mastercue V6 Features:

  • 3 switched USB ports allows control of several computers.

  • Cue display

  • Cue speaker

  • Comms headset passthrough with cue tone injection


  • 2x Wireless Remote

  • 1x Wired Remote

  • RF Receiver

  • Combilamp with stand

Interspace CountDown Touch

  • Mains powered touchscreen Countdown Timer with two XLR display outputs

  • Counts up/down or displays real time

  • Each of the 3 colour time change periods can be
    reset whilst running. Even the total time can be reduced or
    increased as the show takes shape

  • Compatible with Interspace Maxi, Big, Standard and Mini displays as well as the CombiLamp and CombiTower

CountDown Touch.jpg

Interspace Maxi Display

  • Five inch display for CountDown Touch or FiliBuster. Ideal for large venues needing discrete visual time indicator

  • 5" high numbers - highly visible from the back of the room. Mounting bracket can be reversed for ceiling, wall, or floor mounting

  • Includes inline power supply, only requiring a single XLR to carry power and data

maxi display.gif

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